What the fuck is a 'frush'?

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A long fic that I haven’t read yet and is super hot but believable and romantic and super well-written, with great characterization and plot.

I’m guessing this doesn’t exist.

I’m out of fics. And it’s terrible. I need a new big bang fic. ;___;

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  1. fairylaced said: Not actually much sex, but Sky verse by Starandrea? Not actually got through them all yet, but the ones I’ve read I’ve loved.
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    ugh TELL ME! The first time I was sucked into the Fanfiction world… it was paradise, ambrosia all over the place, each...
  3. cylondorothy said: canon based or AU or either…?
  4. sovereign-angel said: Have you read Unexpected Destinies? It’s a WIP, but it’s extra long and sooo good :)
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